What is 2bs?

2bs is an online business communication platform that makes it possible to share the informatinon easier and more efficiently.

2bs-BPBussiness Profile / Bussiness Card

This is the feature for the digital business cards which reflects the latest registered information.
You can show the QR code on your smartphone or other digital devices and exchange the business information easily.[Click here for the details]
*"QR Code" is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED

2bs-CCCommunicate and Correspond

This is the feature that allows you to report, exchange and share information on various matters arising in your business, both internally and with your business partners, in a visually clear and efficient manner.[Click here for the details]


This service aims to position itself as an Business Account Management System (BAMS) in the future by making various business tools and services available under a 2bs account.

What is Business Account Management System?
BAMS is an account management system initiated by organization.
An organizations/companie issues 2bs accounts to its members/employees, and members/employees can access to various features by using this account.
Issuing employees accounts by an organization/company can strengthen the trust on whether the employee is trustworthy or not, so that the information that is exchanged through 2bs can be more reliable.*
*This reliability can be guaranteed only when the organization/company is using this service properly.